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    Dorothy Cross

    1&2.  Everest Shark, 2013. Bronze

    3&4. Earth, 2011. Cast bronze

    5. Little Boy Foot and Fin, 2008. Cast bronze and rubber found fin.

    6. Heron, 2010. Taxidermied heron, antique sugan chair.

    7. Forge, 2007. Cast bronze skull and iron anvil.

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    this is the shortest saddest story I’ve ever read.

    Featured on a 1000Notes.com blog

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    Ethiopian opal geode

    That’s an egg.

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    ARE WE REALLY ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE? Scientists have discovered an Earth-like planet that may hold liquid water — a critical component to life as we know it. Read more here.

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    on average menstruation starts at age 12
    and ends at 52
    40 years of periods
    480 periods
    480 periods x average length of 5 days
    that’s 2400 days of bleeding
    6.58 years of blood 

    That’s so metal.

    think of all the people you could drown in nearly 7 years worth of blood

    7 Years Of Blood sounds like a deathcore band rock on ladies

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  14. I love this so much.

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